Our Modules provide you a unique selling proposition and help you to significantly reduce time to market and mitigate risk

Digital Audio-Processor


Our new development: A digital Audio-Processor for all applications with a high flexibility.

Programmed for ready-to-use or also available for customer implementations.

Optimized for our Power Amplifiers AC-PAZ75 and AC-PAR75.

Analogue Audio-Processors with Doppler Compensation


Analog Audio Processor for our top quality Power Amplifiers  AC-PAZ75, or AC-PAR75.

The AC-AAP eliminates entirely  the Doppler effect created by the moving speaker membrane (world first).

75W DMOS Amplifiers


This unique Power Amplifier optimizes  and enlarges the frequency response of the Sound Pressure Level  of the connected Chassis.

Fits any dynamic chassis from woofer to tweeter from 4 Ohms to 8 OhmsPower Amplifier with on-board Motion Feed Back (*MFB) controller for ultimate sound quality (world first).

Recommended for dynamic chassis with 4 to 8 Ohms. Requires Sensor PCB (see details).

Examples for the connection of the above products:

Example for a two-way-system

Back Ground Information (PDF Documents)