High-End Power Amplifier for active speaker systems with optimized SPL (Sound Pressure Level) frequency response and minimized non-linearities 

This module is available from AudioChiemgau for developers and manufactures of High-End speaker systems. It can easily be adapted to chassis from different manufacturers

Recommended for all speakers (cone or dome) with 4 … 8 Ohms impedance

Power Amplifier Module mounted on cooling surface

The module can be shipped with or without speaker

Our unique selling proposition for your superior products:

Even todays active High-End speakers are designed and built today following the same ideas and receipts as 50 years ago.
There is in the meanwhile no reason any more building passive speakers if top quality is the target.

We at AudioChiemgau thrive to be perfect in what we develop and manufacture in order to allow you to offer a superior product to your customers. Many years of development work are reflected in our innovative products. What do we do differently? Here a brief introduction to speakers that are driven with optimum impedance …

Dynamic speakers, when operated with standard amplifiers, show a grade 2 high pass frequency response of their sound pressure level with quality (Q) factors of their resonance between 0.2 and 0.5. The developer of a speaker system (a box) needs to increase this Q-factor to sensible values between 0.7 … 0.9 by means of a sufficient small enclosure. This shifts, however, the lower frequency limit of the box up to undesired high values.

The amplifier module AC-PA75 allows through innovative circuit technology to set the Q-factor of the speaker independent from the enclosure volume. This allows to bring the lower frequency limit significantly down. The innovative technology reduces in addition non-linarites of the dynamic speaker resulting in lower harmonic and intermodulation distortions. In addition the effect of the stray inductance of the voice coil is significantly reduced, improving the upper frequency limit of the speaker. Using the AC-PAZ75 the developer/manufacturer of a speaker system gets rid of the Thiele-Small-constraints with respect to the volume of the enclosure and can chose that at his own discretion. Using a higher volume allows to generate a high sound pressure level with low electric input power to the speaker.
The picture shows the effect of the AC-PAZ75 on the frequency response of the sound pressure level (SPL) of a high quality standard deep tone speaker:
The -1 dB-lower frequency limit is shifted through the AC-PAZ75 from 70 Hz down to 20 Hz, an improvement of nearly two octaves.

Diagram PAZ75

Blue: SPL using a standard amplifier
Green: Sensible adjustment range of the SPL using the AC-PAZ75.
Horizontal: Frequency in Hz, Vertical: SPL in dB.

Datasheet AC-PAZ75