Background Information on the Assessment Sound Quality

Can one measure Sound Quality?

Nonlinear distortions result from the different membrane amplitudes between recording (microphone 1 µm) and reproduction (loudspeaker 10mm). That is physics. On top of this further nonlinear distortions are generated by the imperfect mechanical loudspeaker. The effect of those distortions is demonstrated, which compromise the sound quality. AudioChiemgau developed an elegant solution to eliminate that problem.
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Doppler Compensation

Because of the movement of the loudspeaker membrane, the location of the generation of the sound pressure varies over time. The different distances between membrane and listener cause the Doppler-Effect, a phase modulation of the radiated sound. This generates non-harmonic distortion products, which compromise  significantly the reproduced sound. AudioChiemgau developed an Analogue Audio Processor, which eliminates the Doppler Effect completely.
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Nonlinearities – Impacts – Solutions

Nonlinearities there impacts and solutions.
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