AudioChiemgau modules offer a superior sound experience compared to any other competitor. The ready-to-use electronics modules are intended for the High-End user building complete loudspeaker systems quickly and at low development risk.

Any loudspeaker chassis shows significant non-linearities which lead to harmonic and intermodulation distortions. Even the best and most expensive power amplifiers can’t change that.

AudioChiemgau and its partner company NDSI GmbH (Audio-Oberland) focused on the combination of loudspeaker chassis and power amplifier from a radical new perspective:

  • The motion of the loudspeaker membrane is continuously measured and corrected for by a closed control loop. Harmonic and intermodulation distortions are reduced in this way to inaudible levels and any thermal modulation, or compression is absent.
  • Instead of usual power amplifiers AudioChiemgau developed precision controlled current amplifiers, which reduce any non-linearities of tweeters and eliminate thermal modulation and compression.
  • Even the Doppler effect that ay moving loudspeaker membrane generates and which was so far considered as un-avoidable, is eliminated by our Audio Processors.
  • Our cross-overs work with minimum phase and time correct and are such inaudible

With this bundle of measures, we achieve a transparent sound, which cannot be achieved otherwise. Additionally, we cover the whole audible frequency range from 16 Hz to above 20 kHz with no audible distortions. The loudspeaker system cannot be localized any more. The music “comes through”.

What does AudioChiemgau do differently?

It is well known, that the loudspeaker is by far the weakest element in an audio reproduction chain. Harmonic and intermodulation distortion above 30% are standard at high SPL at deep tones. For that reason even renown manufacturers do not specify these values.

AudioChiemgau does not sell new wine in old bottles. We broke new ground by developing control loop power modules that in combination with a loudspeaker chassis generate an absolutely constant frequency response with non-audible distortions:

  1. The motion of the loudspeaker membrane is accurately measured and by means of a sophisticated control loop kept at its perfect value. Such harmonic distortions are kept down to 0.1 percent. Our speaker – power module combinations show a perfectly damped resonance below 1Hz.
  2. AudioChiemgau’s power modules are high precision current controlled amplifiers. This ensures especially for tweeters extremely low distortions and the absent of thermal sound pressure modulation, or compression. Improvements of the harmonic distortions of a tweeter by a factor 10 are achievable.
  3. The Doppler effect, the phase modulation of the sound due to the varying distance between membrane and listener, was historically considered as un-avoidable. AudioChiemgau’s Audio Processors eliminate that effect completely. The sound becomes transparent, one hears “through the loudspeaker system”, which cannot be localized.
  4. Very special minimum phase cross-overs comply with the latest stricter IRT recommendations with respect to the group delay. One cannot hear the cross-over.
  5. The different mounting levels of the voice coils of the chassis in a box, as well as the baffle step are compensated electronically. The sound pressure vectors of the different chassis combine perfectly. The loudspeaker box generates an absolute constant sound pressure level over the full human audio range.

Our Modules provide you a unique selling proposition and help you to significantly reduce time to market and mitigate risk.

Digital Audio-Processor


Our new development: A digital Audio-Processor for all applications with a high flexibility.

Programmed for ready-to-use or also available for customer implementations.

Optimized for our Power Amplifiers AC-PAZ75 and AC-PAR75.

Analogue Audio-Processors with Doppler Compensation


Analog Audio Processor for our top quality Power Amplifiers  AC-PAZ75, or AC-PAR75.

The AC-AAP eliminates entirely  the Doppler effect created by the moving speaker membrane (world first).

75W DMOS Amplifiers


This unique Power Amplifier optimizes  and enlarges the frequency response of the Sound Pressure Level  of the connected Chassis.

Fits any dynamic chassis from woofer to tweeter from 4 Ohms to 8 OhmsPower Amplifier with on-board Motion Feed Back (*MFB) controller for ultimate sound quality (world first).

Recommended for dynamic chassis with 4 to 8 Ohms. Requires Sensor PCB (see details).

Examples for the connection of the above products:

Example for a two-way-system
Example for a three-way-system with digital audio processor (AC-DAP)

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