Our Analogue Audio Processors are world firsts.
They completely eliminate the Doppler-Effect that every moving Speaker Membrane generates

Analogue Processing of the audiosignal for our poweramplifiers AC-PAZ75 and/or AC-PAR75

Analogue Audio Processor for a Two-Way Speaker System

Analogue Audio Processor for a Speaker System with Subwoofer

Analogue Audio Processor for a 3-Way Speaker System


Analogue processing of the audio signal for our High-End power amplifiers in two way side speakers (D’Appolito layout recommended)

Analogue processing of the audio signal for two side speaker systems and our High-End poweramplifiers for the sub channel

Analogue  processing of the audio signal for three side speaker systems and our High-End poweramplifiers

  • Double Baffle Step compensation
  • Adjustable Brilliance Enhancement
  • Compensation for voice coil depth distance
  • Differential Audio Outputs
  • Optional Potentiometers for Bass Control (Volume and Phase)
  • Optional Switch for Phase 0°/180°
  • Double Baffle Step Compensation
  • Differential Audio Outputs
  • Minimum Phase / Minimum Delay Filters
  • Doppler Compensation (world first) in combination with AC-PAR75 amplifiers
  • 2 x 12V AC or 2 x 18V DC Supply Voltage avoiding ground loops (Voltage Regulators on-board)
  • Hardware Selectable Edge Frequencies
  • Extremely Low Distortion and Noise
  • Balanced/Differential Audio Inputs
  • Adjustable Input Sensitivity (Consumer / Studio)
  • On-board In System Programmable AVR Microcontroller for
    • Mute/Standby and Power ON/OFF handling
    • Display support via I²C-Port (e.g. Status and Audio Level)
    • Audio Signal Detection (ASD) with ON/OFF Control
    • Temperature Control and data logging
  • Output(s) for Remote Power Control of internal or external Devices/Transformers (12VDC)
  • Flange for vertical mounting available (see Figure of AC-AAZ)
  • Display Support (see below)

Support for optional Displays

An I2C on-board interface on all types of processors allows connecting a various display types showing the operation mode, the temperature, the audio level and a customer defined logo. See the following example for a possible implementation and display content of such a display.

Basic Display

Black and white display with two touch buttons
Color display with four touch buttons

Supported are basic alphanumerik dispays as well as graphical displays with monochrome or color displays including touch function to control the different modes of the Audio Processor. All are available with different resolutions and different sizes.

Please contact AudioChiemgau for available display types, display colors or content customisation.